Verify and Customize Your Node


Verify Your Node

Sign a message with your node to prove it's you or your company. Unlock all of the customization options for displaying your node in the public explorer and list your node in the directory.


Set Your Node Category & Details

Help others find your node. Link to your website or company page, get additional SEO links, and give background on your node. Set your node category to be listed in the node directory.


Customize Your Node Detail Display

Customize your node with corporate or personal branding. Upload the same avatar and background images from your corporate or personal Twitter account to give additional insight to your node and help it stand out.

Get Started:

To verify and begin customizing your node, sign the below message from your node and copy the result into the 'Signed Message' field below:
Questions on Node Verification?
See the documentation here on how to verify a message with your node